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Welcome to the website of our Scentsy personal care products, body care, wickless, flameless candles and air freshener.

Scentsy is a top personal care product & air freshener company, offering the sweetest, most luscious, most exquisite fragrances, the finest gifts and accessories like electric scented wax warmers and sophisticated Scentsy bars for sale. Scentsy personal care products have the sweet, seductive fragrance of cinnamon, vanilla, and coconut. Layers Laundry Care products give your newly washed clothes a fresh, clean scent. Scentsy home products create an intimate, comfortable environment in your home, turning your place into a warm, cozy nest. Scentsy, as a top personal care product company, also offers original gifts and gift packages. Scentcy personal care products make your life better and nicer.

You can find just about everything in our online store. Scentsy, as a top personal care product company, offers a large range of products, from shower gels to lip balms and perfumes. We also offer special gifts like scented greeting cards, custom gifts, electric scented wax warmers, and fragranced wax candles. We offer a variety of Scentsy bars for sale. Scentsy bars are unique, since they are not burned but warmed in our stylish electric scented wax warmers, which is an absolutely safe solution. Our warmers use a low-watt bulb in order to melt Scentsy wax candles. Scentsy bars seem to last forever, from 50 to 80 hours. There exist numerous collections of Scentsy bars for sale, featuring plenty of fascinating scents. These fragrances makes you think of ocean spray, rain, mist, Mediterranean holidays, or Hawaiian nights.

Scentsy, a top personal care products company, even provides you with special, already wrapped gift packages for your loved ones and acquaintances. We have birthday gift packages, honeymoon gifts as well as custom gifts for your clients or employees. A custom gift means that you can create your own gift package, choosing ready-made designs with the logo of your enterprise or workplace. Amongst Scency personal care products you can find perfect gifts for any occasion.

Scentsy Party is one of our extra services. If you want to throw a cheerful party to your friends, we offer you bonuses. If you throw a party and sell some of our products, you will get half-price items and product credits. You can have fun and earn money at the same time.

You can even join Scentsy, a top personal care product company. With us, you may have your own successful online business. You will have a flexible work schedule, an enjoyable job, and some extra cash. Does it sound good for you?

Do you need a new job, or a way to earn extra cash for the holidays?  Then you should consider joining my Scentsy Family team, Knott using wicks makes more scents!  You can sell Scentsy, Velata, Grace Adele, or all 3, like I do!  Click the JOIN tab for more info.  If you decide to join, fill out the online paperwork, and pay the fee, and your kit will be on its way to you.  Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the Velata and Grace Adele logos to learn more about those brands.  Velata is fondue, and Grace Adele is fashion items. 

Take the leap and join my team today.  A year from now, you will wish you had joined today.



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  • Don't miss this egg-stra special deal!

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